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What we do

Monitoring of dust and gas emissions in the industry and urban quality

ASPA Engineering Ltd is an EPC con-tractor for various types of Filtration plants, designed for the industry in a joint venture with leading producers.
Our main purpose is to fulfill all state norms for technologies concerning control of air pollution and recycling of industrial products.
We offer specialized all stages, as design, supply, engineering and construction of systems for precipitation and gas purifi-cation. We deliver both complex systems produced with the highest technology and the individual components and consumables.

Types of filters:
- Dust collectors for air pollution control and recycling of products.
Dry scrubbers for recycling of fluorides, primary aluminum, separation of SO2 , HCl, HF, sublimates, aerosols and condensate (tar) of volatile gases. Wet scrubbers as a venturi, cyclones, dynamic scrubbers.

- Wet bag filters for dust removal absorption of gas and cooling
- High temperature filters

-Wet electrostatic precipitators for simultaneous separation of particles and droplets at high requirements
- Portable belt filters for fine dust colle collection
- Service and maintenance for optimization and modernizing of gas collection
- R & D for new technologies and processes to control air pollution