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What we do

CCTV systems

 ASPA ENGINEERING designs and builds a variety of burglar alarm systems, which also enable their integration in more complex building automation systems. The high technologies which lie beneath the new generation alarm systems, combined with proper configuration enable highdegree of intelligence of the control.

We apply systems with specialized encrypted communication protocol for a more efficient data transfer between the control panel and the corresponding modules at the same time.
In this way every attempt to destroy any system module is promptly recognized and reported no matter if the systems has been activated or not.

It means high level of protection corresponding to the new threats and security deficiency in our life.


System components:

- Control panels with nuber of zones 2 to 512
- Sirens for indoor and outdoor installation
- Sensors
- infrared
- magnetic
- seismic
- acoustic
- microwave
- combined
- Wireless systems
- Centralized systems for monitoring objects through radio connection and telephone line
- Cables
- Accessories