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Multi Venturi

This scrubber makes use of a venturi-rod deck consisting of a series of rods arranged to create a venturi effect between each rod. It offers higher efficiencies at lower pressure drops and liquid to gas ratios than conventional venturi scrubbers.
Dust laden gases are directed through the venturi-rod deck where atomized scrub water is introduced co-currently with the gas stream. The scrub water is sprayed through a series of low pressure, large orifice nozzles, distributing it evenly across the deck.

The gas rapidly accelerates as it passes through the venturi-rods. This action creates smaller droplets, causing encapsulation of the particles and increasing the collection efficiency of submicron particles.

As the gases exit the venturi-rod area, velocity slows causing the larger particulate laden droplets to fall out of the stream. The scrubbed gasses are then directed toward a two-stage demisting zone by distribution baffles or turning vanes. Primary demisting and gas distribution occurs in the predemist area, which removes 90% of the water. The remaining free water droplets are removed by impingement on the final stage demist vanes.

The scrub water collected prior to the demist section flows down the scrubber floor to the drain trough. The dewatered scrubbed gases are exhausted via the scrubber outlet.


    Up to 99% collection efficiency into submicron range
    Wide range of pressure drops- from 2.5 - 15 kPa (10 - 60 in. w.g.)
    High performance at low pressure drops
    Adjustable venturi rod deck (manual or automatic)
    Compact, low profile design offers installation flexibility
    Ideal for particulate scrubbing and gas absorption
    Self draining
    Water level control not required
    Low maintenance-rods are easily replaced