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What we do

Reverse Air Collectors

ASPA Engineering reverse air collectors are very effective for various applications involving extremely fine dust where low outlet emissions are required. Bags are cleaned by reversing the airflow and blowing air back through the fabric. The simple cleaning design involves few moving parts resulting in low maintenance, low operating costs, and extended bag life.

Construction Features

  • 203, 292, or 305 mm (8, 11.5, or 12 in.) dia. bags
  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Multiple modular or compartment design
  • Temperatures from ambient to 288°C (550°F)
  • Pyramid or trough hopper
  • "Soft" reverse air reinflation
  • Low pressure drop
  • Minimal maintenance

Typical Applications

  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Cement kiln
  • BOF / Qbop
  • Submerged arc furnaces
  • Carbon Black
  • Boilers