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What we do

Secutiry alarm systems

 The security alarm systems are constantly improved as a response to all the new security challenges in society. The dynamic changes nowadays respond not only to industrial or political developments in the world but also to the rising threats connected with criminal expansion and terrorism which become the reason for new security requirements.

These new security criteria cannot be met by separate products and systems. New integrated solutions are necessary, they comprise burglar alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, perimeter security, fire alarm systems. We create projects for specific solutions together with the customer, so the solution can exactly fit his/her needs.


The mentioned customer needs lead the vision of ASPA Engineering for creating complex technological solutions giving security to variety of industrial, administrative, hotel, office, trade, entertainment, and other building types. The variety of products and systems which ASPA Engineering offers allow flexible solutions in accordance with the specific customer needs at reasonable prices.The preliminary consultations with the customer allow us to find out what exactly he or she needs and to offer him/her the most suitable solution.