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What we do

Manufacturing equipment and technologies

 ASPA Engineering Ltd is a construction company, who can fulfill complete EPC project for high quality manufacturing equipment, automation of technological processes of existing producing plants and control instrumentation.

A part of our specific portfolio is:
- Assembly lines in machine building, - electronic, -electrical, -chemical, -food, etc. industries
- Manufacturing equipment
- Automation of technological processes
- Temperature control and management in wide ranges and different working environments
- Absolute and differential pressure measurement;
- Debit and consumption meters for different liquids and gases;
- Humidity, velocity and conduct meters
- Wide range of electronic transducers and transmitters for different parameters.
- Wide range of pressure gauges, bimetal thermometers, chemicalseals, level gauges, fittings, valves, etc.
We offer products and solutions for different industries like chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,etc.