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What we do

Hydrogen and oxygen generating plants

 ASPA Engineering is an EPC contractor for of on-site gas plants for Hydrogen generation, Oxygen generation and Nitrogen generation.

The plants operating on the principle of chemical degradation of the nature gas (methane) are cost-effective, safe and reliable on-site generation systems for high quality industrial gases (i.e. hydrogen plants, oxygen plants and nitrogen plants)with capacity from 200 m3/h to 45 000 m3/h. The producing plants which we offer are the first ones in the world with remote control.
Hydrogen is an important utility for numerous applications in multiple industries. Users in a wide range of industries can benefit from operating a costeffective Mahler AGS hydrogen plant and reduce their production costs significantly.
Applications for hydrogen plants :
ASPA Engineering is an EPC contractor for Hydrogen generating plants for hydrogen obtained by catalytic electrolysis of water. Our European partners for integrated engineering systems and devices in electrochemistry for hydrogen developed special electrolyzers with maximum efficiency (>85%) for storage systems for renewable energy such as solar, wind- and hydropower.