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What we do

Recycling and re-refining of used oil

 ASPA Engineering Ltd is EPC contractor in the delivery and installation of process equipment for distillation, evaporation, hydrogenation, filtration and adsorption, as applied to recycling of liquids such as used oils, waste fuels and industrial wastes.The technologies we are working with are world class in robustness, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, product qualities and yields.

The producers of the equipment apply well researched and proven process technology at the core of each application offered to the market. We have built a team of experts in the areas of detailed engineering and project management.
Recycling or re-refining of used oil Lubricants are prepared by mixing additives into lubricating oil base stock or simply called “base oil”. Spent lubricants i.e. used oil has the following composition:True Recycling (Rerefining) of used lubricating oil means separating the “Lube Oil” and purifying it to meet International Standards. In short, recover and purify base oil. Hydrogenation in combination with vacuum drying and filtration is the most complete and advanced process technology for recycling of waste oils.
Key characteristics of the technology