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What we do

Additional refininf of waste oil fractions

 ASPA Engineering is an EPC contractor for various types of metods and technologies for:

- Additional treatment and refining of waste havy oil fractions thrown by the refineries
- Additional treatment and refining of used engine oil
ASPA’s consortium works together with leading European, South Korean and US scientific research centers. Our know-how in the sector enables it to provide the optimum response to a wide variety of technical, dimensional and operational problems. Our engineers have developed a special treatment to industrial companies, responsible for waste oil.
Waste treatment of petroleum residues Petroleum sites are important waste generators. Certain management methods used in the past have generally led to the formation of lagoons filled with hydrocarbon wastes, which have in their turn contaminated the soil and sometimes the underground water table. Refining process: upgrade heavy oil.
Veba Combi-Cracker: VCC is a slurry phase hydrocracking / hydrogenation process for converting petroleum residues at very high conversion rates and liquid yields into high quality distillates or synthetic crude oil.
Hydro processing: conversion of heavy petroleum residues into lighter materials. Thermal gasoil: The process is a combinedresidue and waxy distillate conversion unit methods for mud pits.
Emulsion residue upgrade: The emulsion residue enhancementprocess converts highly viscous, value, uncut residues from vacuum unit operations to an emulsion fuel.
Heavy oil upgrading: Process designed for upgrading heavy oils including the bitumen into a easily transportable-oil.
Solvent deasphalting: The technology can be used in a variety of uses for residue upgrading. It uses an aliphatic solvent to separate the typically valuable oils.