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What we do

About us

Aspa Engineeringis an engineering company specializing in design, delivery, installation, commissioning, adjustments, warranty and after warranty support of system groups, divided into two areas: building engineering and industrial engineering.

The fields of competence of ASPA Engineering are concentrated mainly in:

Engineering activities

* Clarification of investor requirements, technological solution, design, logistics, installation, setup, training, warranty and after-warranty service.

Project management

* Planning, analysis and control of the subject, deadline, execution and project quality.


Vision, Mission and Values
Our Vision is to become the regional leader in designing, constructing and commissioning commercial and industrial, office and trading buildings in the European Union and Middle East.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the highest service quality, on time and budget delivery. We shell achieve this by creating a partnership between our employees, managers andshareholders on executing our projects on time, under budget and within the quality requirements.

Our Values, Basic and fundamental shell remains the guiding light in our internal and external dealings. This will be uncompromising foundations upon which we be build our Mission.

Integrity: The courage to maintain the right from the wrong without compromise.
Reliability: The ability to deliver on what we promise, without exceptions.
Accountability: The strength to be responsible for our own actions and decisions.