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What we do


In his capacity as an international investment cluster, ASPA Consortium allows Bulgaria to create enough new projects in the form of manufacturing high-tech enterprises already be able to attract and accept foreign investment.


So far, this option is absent from Bulgaria, unlike other countries in Eastern Europe who have maintained and increased the number and quality of its production capacities and successful beneficiaries of EU funds


From the perspective of investors, investment fund allows each of them to participate in the investment process independently or jointly with other investors in the process of initiation, construction and operation of companies that provide the greatest possible flexibility and freedom of investment, in contrast no attractive investment environment in Bulgaria.


We envisage a basic principle in the work of ASPA Consortium, to be a public private partnership, given the need for support and understanding of the official authorities in Bulgaria to solve any potential legislative, administrative and technical challenges associated with the construction, startup and operation of production facilities .


Hopefully the competence, responsibility and commitment to the development of the Republic of Bulgaria on the part of those responsible for each specific project ministries, we expect positive feedback and support of our investment intentions.