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What we do

Engineering and design of subsea onshore pipelines, offshore platforms, onshore stationsfor oil and gas processing

The intention of this prospect is to give an idea of the process for separation and processing of natural gas produced from wellheads and used as a fuel for electricity generation power stations.

In order to provide fuel for the power stations, the fuel gas shall comply to the normative and standard requirements, which are different for the different countries, but generally they regulate the dew point, caloricity, and boundary values of the components. In other words, the gas processing equipment shall guarantee a final product – fuel gas which compiles to the specifications.

ASPA Engineering is a service provider orientated to small and medium projects in the oil & gas industry offering managing, support and executing services related to plant design, equipment design, equipment production and installation as well as further maintenance.

ASPA Engineering Ltd is young but quickly developing company, which offers engineering services in the field of the oil and gas industry such as design, procurement, implementation, installation, start-up, as well as maintenance and repair of oil and gas production and processing equipment.

ASPA Engineering in consortium with other Bulgarian companies takes part into the realization of a lot of projects in the country and abroad for modifications and construction of systems for production and processing of oil and gas. The company has participated in the development and construction of sites onshore, as well as offshore. The Companys specialists efforts, knowledge and skills result in completing of the assigned projects qualitatively and in time.