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What we do

Building constructions - offices, hotels and shops

ASPA Engineering Ltd is a construction company, specialized for engineering works in the field of investment, design and construction. The company is an investor and executor of residence buildings, hotels, administrative and public.

The quality of our work and our reputation protects by dozens of projects, built and turned over on the territory of different cities and regions. ASPA Engineering Ltd and the partner companies of our consortium are members of the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber and is licensed to work abroad.

We manage a group of companies in the construction, financing and implementation of investment projects, operation and maintenance of the property. Since its inception until today, our principles are competence, responsibility, security and tolerance. We have a tradition and experience with innovation, technology and knowledge are trying to look into the future. Here you will find: the latest technology in construction, in combination with excellent knowledge, rich experience and individual approach to the customer, to help your needs and solve any problems in construction. Professionalism,honesty, integrity: Our commitment is the relationship between the client and our company tothe duo and based on trust and dialogue.

Universal suggestion is: "everything under one roof" - the best mix of services in construction, combined with creativity, high quality, best solutions at the best prices.