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What we do

Road constructions

 ASPA Engineering Ltd is a contractor, developing in consortium with another Bul-garian companies its activities in the field of infrastructure, performing construction and repair works on road and street network in the country, including drainage, water supply and sewerage facilities, strengthening of landslides and other construction works, together with the firms of which the company is owner or partner.

The company consists of experienced management, technical and engineering team, and many highly qualified construction workers.

The presence of own modern logistical and asphalt base, construction laboratory, modern technical equipment and functional organization of labor and material resources guarantees the ability to ensure implementation of major infrastructure projects, using materials and techniques, approved by the European practice.

The company is increasingly becoming a reliable and loyal partner with the needed high quality and time of construction and the executed projects and received referrals serve as an essential proof for this.
As a shareholder of construction consorti-um of companies in the industry, it continues their activities and serves as coordinator for the operation of its associations.

Our consortium fulfils EPC projects for road constructions of:
- Highways
- City streets
- Walkways adjacent parts
- Recreational areas