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Rechargable batteries

Rechargeable batteries have gone through a long technological way to get to their today’s level as an important energy storage. With their excellent parameters and being maintenance free, the main rechargeable battery types are mainly AGM VRLA and GEL. These batteries find their application in: UPS devices, telephone exchanges, telecom applications, emergency power supply of control systems, medical, burglar alarm and fire alarm equipment, systems in energetic etc.


As an official distributor ASPA Engineering designs, delivers and builds complex solutions consisting of UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) systems, diesel / gas generators and rechargeable batteries. We are a company with experience in emergency power supply systems.


ASPA Engineering represents on the Bulgarian market rechargeable battery prominent manufacturers like fg-Forte - Czech Republic, Power Sonic - UK, BB Battery – China, Interberg - Spain and Ritar Power - China, which are symbol of quality in Europe, North America and Asia. Acknowledgment for their quality are the corporate agreements with many UPS manufacturers - APC, MGE, Powerware, Mitsubishi. Famous international companies like SIEMENS, АВВ, Gardiner Security, Tyco, Rentokil Initial etc. are also their customers.


As a result of technical development, conceptual solutions and new materials, different types of rechargeable batteries depending on their characteristics find their application in various fields in life and industry.


The most applied rechargeable battery types are:




VRLA AGM & GEL 5 - 10 Years Design Life Time Batteries                   VRLA Deep Cycle AGM Batteries


     OPzV Tubular GEV VRLA Batteries                                                    LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cells



      OPzS Flooded Tubular VRLA Batteries                                            LiFePo4 Cylindrical Battery Cells