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What we do

Building management systems (BMS) and air conditioning

 ASPA Engineering as an EPC contractor for central Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Management Systems (BMS), ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, security and optimal microclimate in of-fice-, commercial-, industrial and residential buildings all the seasons.

The dream of intelligent building comes true through integrated management of ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security against fire, security surveillance, management of electrical energy, production processes and all other technical systems.

We offer fully integrated system flexible enough and easy to control, cutting off electricity consumption, optimizing productivity, reducing the number of necessary employees, excluding the doubling of equipment in function, creating comfort and meeting the safety requirements according to current regulations.

Building automation is not a luxurious thing. The necessity of intelligen control by means of high technologies and the development of big quantities of information generated by the separate devices enables an easy and comfortable way for control and management.

Our air conditioning systems are noiseless, split type package and multi, working in modes heating, cooling and ventilation. They are digitally controlled and have modern convertor aggregates in different modifications:
- Ceiling mounted
- Floor mounted