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 ASPA Engineering High Efficiency Cyclones are the most cost-effective solution for separating dryparticulate (5 microns or larger) from gas streams. With more than three decades of experience in research, design, and successful commissioning of cyclones, we have the expertise to select the appropriate design to meet the most demanding needs of any application in the industry.


ASPA EngineeringCyclones feature robust construction for long term, trouble-freeservice. Careful design results in high efficiency at low pressuredrop to keep operating costs low.




System Design


Seemingly a relatively simple device, a cyclone consists of components which must be optimized for the application and properly work together to achieve maximum dust removal efficiency. Consideration is given to the forces dustparticles are subjected to simultaneously:



Based on careful evaluation of your application,ASPA Engineeringwill customselect:


We can also custom design the following enhancements as required:



Particle laden gas enters the cyclone through a tangential inlet, which imparts a vortex motion to the stream causing the removable particulate to concentrate along the wall. The stream (called the descending vortex) spirals down the cyclone barrel toward a bottom cone which opens into an expansion chamber. Particle inertia forces the particulate to the wall of the expansion chamber, while the lighter gas stream forms another vortex (caused by drag) ascending through the center of the descending vortex. The cleaned gas escapes through a tube dropping down into the center of the main chamber. A tangential outlet removes the cyclonic action of the gas stream.






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