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What we do

Soil remediation of oil

Petroleum is the most complex fossil material composed of thousands of different chemicals. Since it is used as the base material for various equipment, transportation, heavy industry, energy industry and etc., petroleum is now contaminating the entire globe. Soil contamination, above all, is the most critical.

Biological microbial products Biological microbial products, researched and developed by consortium of ASPA Engineering, are mostly strains of bacteria, found in soils and beaches; they are very useful and safe for the soil. Microbial products are bacterial consortiums composed of 15 species including pseudomonas genus, bacillus genus, serratia genus and stenotrophomonas genus ensured by U.S. and European Patents.
100% microbial detoxification The microorganisms of ASPA Engineering consortium are natural eco-microorganisms that are purely isolated from soil. They detoxify hazardous substances (petroleum oil, PCBs, dioxin, PCE, foot and mouth disease, and so on), meeting the international criterion in the pollution control.
The microorganisms have demonstrated their effects in field for 10 years, pursues environ-mental restoration through biodegradation of toxic substances and ultimately aims at turning the earth’s environment, especially extreme ones like deserts’ into loam soil.
Features, Advantage and Competitive Power of the Technology of ASPA Engineering consortium can be used to retrieve soil and timber contaminated by PCP and organic chlorine compounds and utilized for purification of wastewater, wastes, extracted water from reclaimed land contaminated by nondegradable toxic materials. In the case of soil and timber contaminated by PCP, 99% efficiency was reported