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What we do

Renewable energy / solar power generation

 ASPA Engineering Ltd’ designs a power block solution, which encompasses all components for the entire water/steam cycle in parabolic trough, central tower, and linear Fresnel concentrated solar power plants and hybrid plants.

Parabolic Trough / Central Tower / Linear Fresnel. In addition to the steam turbine generator turbo set, the portfolio includes comprehensive range of components. This can include steam generators, condensing systems to preheaters, and cooling systems as well as the electrical equipment, plant control systems and instrumentation.
Power Blocks for CSP Applications 
ASPA Engineering is uniquely positioned to provide not only state-of-the-art power block component technologies but also to integrate them into a more reliable, flexible and efficient power block that gets the most from the sun’s energy. We work with worldwide established European producers with high tech know how in the field of utilization of thermal energy from solar energy.
Our system include the following types 
1. Parabolic trough systems with power generation more than 100 MWe
2. Thermal solar power plant with solar turbines, which mean utilizing thermal energy which generated from solar heat concentration and transmitted to steam as potential energy in high pressure parameters then injected inside turbine.
3. Hybrid power plant, which mean integration STAG power plant and solar power. This id hightech which contributing to cover completely high load with less emissions and saving fuel, next diagrams show saving fuel description and INTERGRATION SYSTEM
4. Solar chimney power plant with total power generation 5 MWe
5. Photovoltaic system direct power generation – capacitydepend on number of panels.