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Cathodic protection of pipelines

 ASPA Engineering propose so neccessary cathodic protection for all oil and gas companies, preserving their equipment of corrosion. The main advantage of cathodic protection over any forms of anti-corrosion treatment is that it is applied simply by maintaining a dc circuit and its effectiveness may be monitored continuously.


Cathodic protection is commonly applied to a coated structure to provide corrosion control to areas where the coating may be damaged. It may be applied to existing structures to prolong their life.
Structures that are commonly protected by cathodic protection are the exterior surfaces of:
- Pipelines
- Ships’ hulls
- Storage tank bases
- Jetties and harbour structures
- Steel sheet, tubular and foundation pilings
- Offshore platforms, floating and sub sea
Cathodic protection is also used to protect the internal surfaces of:
- Large diameter pipelines
- Ship’s tanks (product and ballast)
- Storage tanks (oil and water)