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Insulation materials - thermo shrinkable tape

 ASPA Engineering propose the high quality thermo shrinkable insulation materials for corrosion protection of steel and heat insulated gas and oil pipelines, together with leading European and American manufacturers.

The thermo shrinkable insulation materials are specially designed for applications in oil, gas, water and heat supply pipeline systems and construction of new and repair of existing pipelines.
The manufactured materials are based on the advanced European leading achievements in the polymer industry. Advanced equipment and multilevel product quality control provide for the warranty service life of coating of at least 45 years.
Thermoshrinkable tape for base insulation of pipelines or corrosion protection of pipeline fittings under the field or factory conditions and the operation temperature up to +60°C Thermoshrinkable sleeves for corrosion protection of pipeline weld joints under the field conditions and the operation temperature up to +60°C.
Clamped to form a ring directly on the pipe with closure plates that are non-setting fiberglass reinforced polyolefin tape with a glue layer having a high shear loadresistance.Materials are jointly applied for restoration of damaged polyethylene coatings with fiberglass reinforced repair patch and defect fille.