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What we do

Monitoring systems for gases

 Monitoring air quality is essential for both large public and private industries, and for governing authorities. Monitoring is used to identify and evaluate sources of emissions and to prevent air pollution.
Aspa engineering cooperates with leading companies in Europe, producing a patented analyzing systems, using advanced technologies.

As a specialized engineering company we offer a wide range of gas analyzers.

Aspa engineering is able to meet all specific customer requirements by offering both individual appliances, and building a comprehensive system for monitoring and control of gases or Mobile Laboratories.

The following leading products are to be mentioned: Particulate and Emission Monitoring Systems: Particulate emission, mass emission, stack velocity, Heated Sampling Probe, Heated Hoses, Gasconditioning, NO2/NO Converter, Accessories, Gas Generators H2, Hydrocarbon AnlyserTHC, TOC Analysers, Sample Probe, Portable Gas Cooler/Dryer, Gas Cooler/Dryer, Filter, Pumps, Nitrogen and Zero Air Generator, CO2 Purifier, FT IR Analyser, IR Gas Analyser, Oxygen Analyser. Instruments are designed to work in aggressive and explosive environments. All products have quality certificates mCERT, TÜF and the company is ISO 9001 certified.


Our trade policy is to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. We have ample capabilities to solve various problems in the industry using leading technologies and we closely engage with customer requirements and their high standards