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Other filters


Mikro-Pulsaire® pulse-jet collectors
The most comprehensive line of pulse-jet filters / collectors and associated technology available.


Cartridge collectors
We offers three cartridge dust collector designs to suit a variety of price/performance criteria, including the new MikroFlo™, a value priced collector with MikroPul quality.


Fine dust filters (FDF) :
Fine Dust Filter combines the coarse filtration capability of a cyclone with the high efficiency of a bag filter.


Continuous cleaning reverse air filters:
Used primarily in the wood, grain, and coal industries.


Reverse air collectors:
Used primarily in combustion related applications.


Shaker collectors:
Designed for heavy-duty industrial filtering requirements, these units feature a robust mechanism for shaking bags to dislodge hard to remove dust.


Rotary Prefilter:
Designed for air streams containing fibrous dust, it reduces the load on the primary filter for greater system efficiency.


Pleated belt filter:
A breakthrough filter design for air streams containing fibrous dust; combines high efficiency filtration, high capacity, and off-line media cleaning in a compact housing.